First full day of our holiday so we went through the Visit Cavan leaflet -
We planned a visit to a narrow gauge railway museum in Belturbet - turns out it’s only open Fri/Sat/Sun. There were lots of people waiting to attend, and we were all disappointed.
Second option was a trip to Corleggy Cheese - off down loads of little narrow country roads with grass growing up the middle - website says ‘open’. Nice lady appeared - no goats, no sheep, no cows - buy in the milk, and noone is allowed into the cheese making place. The advertised cookery school isn’t up and running either - ‘maybe next year’.
Third option - Castle Saunderson. It;s well flagged and yay! We could actually go there. Here are some photos, video - don’t watch, just listen to the birdsong.
Back to our hotel for afternoon cocktails later……

Three notice boards with written information about the occupants and history of Castle Saunderson

OMG! I managed to take a pix of a dragonfly. They are so fast, and don’t stay in one place for long. We saw two types - these little electric blue ones, and big hand sized brown ones.

In the grass, I found this small memorial - to Anne Behan - environmentalist, photographer and member of Celbridge Camera Club. I must do some research to find out more about her life and environmental activism. Apologies that the pix is sideways.

This is one of the big brown dragonflies. I had my phone on video and caught this at the very start of a clip. They are very fast, and never rest, so really had to photograph at all. It’s roughly a hands length.

The Saunderson church in the grounds of Castle Saunderson. Note the ground plaque featuring a skull and crossbones; it is beside the entrance underneath the church.
Final pix is my absolute nightmare - a web containing many, many little spiders who were running around inside in it - shudder.


One of the butterflies - a very common sight at Castle Saunderson, but I have not seen these elsewhere.

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