AG Suella Braverman on BBCQT on Thu 12th May 2020
She has advised the government they can frustrate the NI Protocol, on the grounds it ‘protects the GFA’.
This obfuscatory nonsense. The NI Protocol is in fact written to protect the GFA, and peace, and no land borders on the island of Ireland.
As UK seems unwilling to join the CU or the SM, the Protocol is a key piece to protect all.
Add in that UK Govt have already permitted banned pesticides, Fukushima foods, hormone beef, and chlorine chicken, and given GM products licence - NI is keen to protect it’s agrifood industry, ancillary industries and tourism by having none of these horrible toxins.

I posted this clip on the bird site and it is the start of a pinned thread there. It went viral almost immediately and so far has garnered approx 65k views. I’m still getting over the shock of that. What is interesting is that they are positive comments and positive re-posts.

Given some of the comments from AG Braverman, I’m adding a link to a Wikipedia article about the Good Friday Agreement.

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