If fiat money goes away and is only left.

It will become miner wars.

It will become more profitable to bomb a big mining operation than to produce more miners.

The start of bitcoin simulation was peaceful.

The end of the bitcoin simulation is bloodshed.

I played in the simulation made 6+ btc in 1 day. I killed the king twice. It was guarded by 1000`s of AI.

I was a pro game player.

Life is my game now.

I can explain the simulation a little more.

In the start players were all peaceful, no one really killed eachother. They went to the middle to get coins and brought them back to their base like mining real gold or bitcoin. Later in the game supply got less so the players started killing eachother for coins. Then someone made bots to play the game and took all the jobs and all of the average players were fucked.

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