Ok here is my stupid ass make actually have real value idea.

1) Create software that distributes supply 1 hour coin a hour to all accumulation addresses.
(this is already done)

2) Create hardware sign up stations that make the accumulation addresses.

Pretty much person enters room, room is being livestreamed to blockchain. Machine scans heartbeat or iris or fingerprint or dna. A human hardware ID.

They put in a pin,Gives them a debit/credit card that is earning 1 hour coin a hour.

The time coins or whatever the fuck you want to call them will be traded for just like fiat, which will make your value go up.

Farmers like me will always accept the coin, creating unlimited pizza bitcoin deals just from my small farm.

Scared that you have to give up your heartbeat metric? You already do and there is no way to mask it.

After you get your coins, you can send them to a mixer and have multiple spending addresses.

So you can pretend to have anonymity while time records everything.


In monopoly all players get $1,500 and pass go to collect $200 for as long as they play.

In real life a few players get unlimited $ and the rest of us can F ourselves.

We need to fix this game core devs.

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