That @elonmusk guy says he will accept when it is 50% green energy for his products.

Why does he accept fiat now? I am pretty sure it is not running on 50% green energy.

Good morning and Happy To all of the Fathers out there.

I don`t plan to become one myself until the fiat problem is fixed. I refuse to bring another $lave into this world for them.

I can explain the simulation a little more.

In the start players were all peaceful, no one really killed eachother. They went to the middle to get coins and brought them back to their base like mining real gold or bitcoin. Later in the game supply got less so the players started killing eachother for coins. Then someone made bots to play the game and took all the jobs and all of the average players were fucked.

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If fiat money goes away and is only left.

It will become miner wars.

It will become more profitable to bomb a big mining operation than to produce more miners.

The start of bitcoin simulation was peaceful.

The end of the bitcoin simulation is bloodshed.

I played in the simulation made 6+ btc in 1 day. I killed the king twice. It was guarded by 1000`s of AI.

I was a pro game player.

Life is my game now.

Yes this site is quite hard to get the hang of, just navigating through it feels weird. They layout or something is like playing 4d chess while on a treadmill also playing overwatch and chewing bubble gum, underwater.

This site is kinda dead.

If more people did what @lukedashjr did it would be poppin.

That is how I got here.

Me: Trying to create awareness about a fairly distributed currency and digital direct liquid democracy.

The average person my age:

If the bitcoin twitter bots mined bitcoin with their cpus instead of spamming their shit scams, they would earn more.

This shit is like 99.9% bots.

I would go back to the bitcoin talk forum if it wasn't the most centralized shit ever.

It is impossible to do something you are not going to do.

You will do exactly as you will do.

Sure you may go left, or you may go right.

Sure you may stand up, or sit down.

But whatever one you do, you will do.

You are reading this for a reason.

Duration Coin
Time Coin
Fairly Distributed Upon Creation Coin
Legit Game Of Monopoly Coin
Span Coin
Hour Coin
Bit Legit
Legit Bit
Fiat Fucker
Just Coin
Non Dumb Ass Coin
Clock Coin
This Coin Replaced All Of The Other Coins Coin

Shit, what do I call this thing?

As a farmer trading my limited time, goods and services for a unlimited supply of $hit seemed like a $cam and $lavery.

"Every breath you take and every move you make
Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you
Every single day, every word you say
Every game you play, every night you stay, I'll be watching you"

@NSAGov`s official theme song

In monopoly all players get $1,500 and pass go to collect $200 for as long as they play.

In real life a few players get unlimited $ and the rest of us can F ourselves.

We need to fix this game core devs.

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After you get your coins, you can send them to a mixer and have multiple spending addresses.

So you can pretend to have anonymity while time records everything.

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The time coins or whatever the fuck you want to call them will be traded for just like fiat, which will make your value go up.

Farmers like me will always accept the coin, creating unlimited pizza bitcoin deals just from my small farm.

Scared that you have to give up your heartbeat metric? You already do and there is no way to mask it.

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Ok here is my stupid ass make actually have real value idea.

1) Create software that distributes supply 1 hour coin a hour to all accumulation addresses.
(this is already done)

2) Create hardware sign up stations that make the accumulation addresses.

Pretty much person enters room, room is being livestreamed to blockchain. Machine scans heartbeat or iris or fingerprint or dna. A human hardware ID.

They put in a pin,Gives them a debit/credit card that is earning 1 hour coin a hour.

As the fiat value number goes up, the extortion and oppression of the producers goes up.

We are fucking over the creators.

Most of them do not own a bitcoin.

Who is going to get most of the bitcoins?
Central bankers
Who is going to get most of the miners?
Central bankers
Who deserves fuck all?
Central bankers

I have ideas to make fiat obsolete and so when the bitcoin fiat 2.0 legit edition numbers go up, the average producer is not getting fucked.

Btc holders will have real profit

If you ask me the people should be working to create something that actually gives more worth.

As it stands now I don`t accept bitcoin or fiat for my time, goods or services.

I don`t accept fiat for the same reason.

I am a farmer you can come to my house with 21 million btc or the total market cap of fiat and it will not get you 1 peach.

If bitcoin was measured in a fairly distributed upon creation supply, I would accept it, always.

I really like a lot. I been studying it from the white paper, to the forum, to twitter for the past 10+ years.

I have spent 6+ hours a day on the study of it and alt coins.

I know in the genesis block message it contains something about banker bailouts.

Can we work on destroying fiat now?

That is the problem.

Sure it gives more value but at the end of the day, what really is that worth?

1 USD or even worse 1000 USD being created means the common man getting bent over worse.

I notice the Iceland volcano stopped shooting when Mt Etna started to shoot. Then Mt Etna stopped shooting and Iceland`s started to shoot again, It`s seems like those volcanoes are connected to core.

Anyone else observing this?

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