The absurd amendments to the flag code to satisfy someone's ego, and I see really weird flags all around, with scant regard for display rules. One 32 spoke chakra, one 28(!!!) spoke chakra, weird chakra sizes, oval chakras, mismatched colors, loose threads/disintegrating flags!

Guys, I am back on Mastodon after 2 year break. Hope you are in good health. 😀

अमर शहीद संघियों की तरह कट्टर हिंदुत्व वादी नहीं थे
मुस्लिमो के प्रति द्वेष भाव को ख़तम कर शहीद अशफाकुल्लाह के परम मित्र बन गए. उनकी कविता की चंद पंक्तियाँ:

"मुहम्मद पर सब कुछ कुर्बान, मौत के हों तो हों मेहमान
कृष्ण की मुरली की सुन तान चलो, हो सब मिलकर बलिदान"


manifest - The nation's capital is legitimately on fire in every direction. This is unreal. ”


For how long r u people going to fool us by trending hashtags like

Trending these will make China vacate our lands?

You need a heart of lioness like Indira Gandhi ji to counter China. These 2 Gujjus can only threaten their own citizens!!


This video of cops accidentally arresting an FBI agent is amazing....


When a train runs, all stations are properly instructed. Driver & TTE too knows about time table & stations that'll come en-route. StationMasters prepare track accordingly.

It beats my mind on hw can this happen to dozens of trains!

Its intentional..!!

Maybe the heads of some states do not want their pravasi migrant labourers back!!

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