@IronMan With a week left to go before election day, you may want to check if your state has collection sites too. In any state you should be able to hand-deliver your ballot to the board of elections, but some places also have additional drop sites. A week is not a lot of time when there is a huge mail deluge (people want to vote!) so think about hand-delivering your ballot if you can.


Good idea.

You can eventually link to that information on Vote411 or go your state's site for voting and elections.

Like everything by Smashmouth after that first one.


OMG. That is insane. You're right, that's the sort of fake hysterics that could have gotten him killed. His calm demeanor was in sharp contrast with her howling.

I'm very glad that gentleman is ok, as well as the dog who was removed from her custody.

Ice cold white female New York City executive calculates and spouts lies that get men killed in this video. Even the dog has to get abused in service to her will to power.

The bird watching black man is so calm and reasonable in this unreasonable situation. I don't know how he kept his cool so well but he gets a definite tip of the hat.



It's like they keep trying to convince us killing off Tony and Natasha was grand story telling. They need to quit trying to make fetch happen. :blobcatpout:

For the trending hashtags I all change them manually with a capital. Seems a little more organized don’t you think?

Yes, because is superior to which reads like you want to vote out the mall.

Twitter goes bold.......for them
Twitter labels Trump’s tweets with a fact-check for the first time

For the first time, Twitter is slapping a warning label on Trump's tweets, responding to critics who have long said the company was too hands off and escalating tension between Silicon Valley and Washington.



Not the one calling Joe Scarborough a murderer, though.


People fought for our right to vote. Let’s use it.

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