Did you read that?
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@viandokapo Sounds interesting, i just hope it's not controlled by Google again.

@viandokapo Well, awhile back I wanted to leave Twitter but someone I know persuaded me to stay on it but I'm planning to rarely use the website anyway and Orkut never heard of them?

Stamer is done. Finished.

He’s not up to the job and his MPs, even those from his ‘wing’ of the party are now openly defying him over his efforts to try and out-Tory the Tories:


@viandokapo All recently is all negativity within it. All my usage of social media (Facebook and /#Mastodon) currently is on my laptop and i am willing to say bye to that too minus Mastodon which i can access on my new mobile. If my friend can do it who's never joined any piece of social media. I can definitely do it too.

Breaking: Scientists have found trees growing in the Arctic tundra for the first time. The "shocked" scientists who made the discovery said that such a dramatic ecological shift "wasn’t supposed to happen for a hundred years or more, going by the models." twitter.com/xr_cambridge/statu

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