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Interesting to see UK is now bottom of European countries safe-to-visit partly based on water quality. Way below Albania, the second lowest...


People would be a lot more sympathetic to rail strikes if they just opened the ticket barriers and let everyone travel for free until the greedy capitalists stopped attacking the wages and working conditions of the people who actually do the work.

But the government doesn't allow this tactic, because the job of a capitalist government is to protect capitalist profits, not to serve the interests of ordinary people by minimising disruption.

This Tory government wants the strikes, and they want the strikes to be as disruptive as possible, so that they can blame workers, and further erode trade union rights.

And capitalist media directs public anger over the disruption at the striking workers, not the greedy capitalists, or the billionaire-bankrolled Tory government!

The erosion of democracy in the UK 

The erosion of democracy in the UK is gathering pace...

Disenfranchising voters under a pretence of concern about voter fraud
New police powers to criminalise political protest
Plans to ‘overhaul the Human Rights Act
Legislating for mass state surveillance
Changes to the process of judicial review
Moves to prevent regulation of government actions at election times
Attacks on citizenship, refugees and asylum seekers
Further assaults on Trade Unions
Introducing indefinite detention of foreign nationals
Unlawful activity by Ministers going unpunished
Creating immunity from war crimes committed by British troops overseas
Breaking legally binding international agreements
Undercover agents given immunity to break the law. Via @The Daily Politik


There were so many missed opportunities in the Queen's Speech.

It's time for real action on climate and social justice.

Tories are claiming scrapping the TV licence will be a Tory vote winner in the future. The Tories have already admitted that the cost will likely be added to your council tax bill or something similar, so it will just transfer debt from one hand to the other. No more not paying. Even if you don't watch or record LIVE TV which if you don't doesn't require you to buy a TV licence. Via The Tories Are Killing Britain on @facebook

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