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Stamer is done. Finished.

He’s not up to the job and his MPs, even those from his ‘wing’ of the party are now openly defying him over his efforts to try and out-Tory the Tories:


@Gloucester_Lad I left last week, and can't say I miss it. I was tired of being told what I might be interested in.

Breaking: Scientists have found trees growing in the Arctic tundra for the first time. The "shocked" scientists who made the discovery said that such a dramatic ecological shift "wasn’t supposed to happen for a hundred years or more, going by the models." twitter.com/xr_cambridge/statu

I have been mostly restoring this old Dalek for a friend. New 3D printed ears and waggly bit. RGB LED's and motor inside currently controlled by an Arduino but maybe the new PicoW could be an option.

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