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@TonyStark Trump has turned the whole country into an Unwelcome Center which is one of the multitude of reasons I'd like to get rid of him.


I just saw that news on my phone. I'm looking forward to watching She-Hulk!

After Orphan Black, I don’t think there’s much that Tatiana Maslany can’t do, and I love that she’s going to be She-Hulk. The MCU is fortunate to have her!

I feel like a professional athlete now because I'm going to be tested for #COVID19 on a weekly basis indefinitely. Will also probably be one of the first to get the vaccine once one reaches CO. Hard to stay optimistic but I'll try!

Something you will never see; a Donald Trump welcome center.

OMG, this is astounding.

Trump followers, Geez.

Take a look at who you are, you can mostly tell by the company you keep.

This is a hilarious Herd Mentality.

Late Show Correspondent Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Hosts A Focus Group... via @YouTube

@QueenRamonda Flipping the Senate is just as important as the presidency. I wrote postcards for Amy McGrath because she was the only candidate available on #PostcardsToVoters over the weekend, but I'm donating to and calling for Mark Kelly in AZ, who has a better chance of winning his race against Martha McSally. Everyone please adopt a senator (your own state is fine) and donate time for calls or money, whichever you have (or both!). #FlipTheSenate :kelly4az: :flipthesenate: @Thunderbirds511

My mayor is a progressive guy. Vote for Democrats. #VoteBlue #Pittsburgh :pittsbgh:

200 Pittsburghers Will Start To Get $500 In Guaranteed Monthly Income By End Of Year | 90.5 WESA


No Kanye or Green Party in Wisconsin, either. The Republicans are running out of ways to rig the election. Putin is going to be very upset. 

Everyone, watch for your ballots and return them ASAP, safely and correctly. #Vote

Get ready to receive your ballots, Pennsylvania friends! (Lordy, there are a lot of you.) :pa: The Green Party won’t get to stall the start of the election for you anymore.

@TonyStark you can vote absentee in-person starting September 28th in Lexington County SC at the election commission office (605 W Main St Ste C Lexington) socially distanced with a mask. I think this is for the entire state but, you know we do things differently in SC 🙄 #VoteBidenHarris2020 #VoteAllGOPOut2020

Before there was Taylor Swift telling trolls to calm down, there was Courtney Barnett telling them off in a witty way that only she can. It's a song by a woman that women can relate to, but if you've ever had to deal with trolls, reply guys, and others who hide behind their keyboards to attack you, then I think you'll relate to "Nameless, Faceless" by Courtney Barnett. #SongOfTheDay

My husband is a postal carrier & not voting for Trump. Unfortunately some of his co-workers worship the orange nightmare & are voting for him. He has tried to steer them towards Biden. He says its like talking to a wall.

@TonyStark @Thunderbirds511 Inhumane. Dangerous. Diabolical. Am I talking about the heat ray or trump himself? Both, of course.

@Thunderbirds511 We tried to warn people that this would happen in 2016. I believe we will do better in 2020. We must.

Quoted from Vanita Gupta

"BREAKING: The Senate has confirmed six of Trump’s judicial nominees in the past 30 hours. These are lifetime appointments that McConnell’s pushing through instead of the HEROES Act & other crucial legislation. Every news program should be covering this tonight. #NoMoreTrumpJudges"

@MariaHill The cop who ordered the dog to bite got to retire and the other cop, who handcuffed Ryans while the dog was still latched onto him, doesn't appear to be identified. I hope this spotlight on them will result in some type of punishment for this violence.

I'll bet that small, hateful "man" felt big when he used that dog as a weapon. Animals shouldn't be pressed into service like that. When a police attack dog retires, they can never be a happy, ordinary dog.

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