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@TonyStark Through the miracle of voting, voters, heal thyself. #ByeDon

@TonyStark 5 more days. If you haven't voted, make a plan. If you haven't registered and can, make that plan.

Time is there, but we need everyone. #RegisterToVote :registertovote:
#Vote :voteblue:

#ElectionDay #VoterRegistration
Still need to register to vote? Here's what you need to know!

Same day voter registration on 11/3:
CT (online/mail 10/27)
ME (no deadline for in-person)
MI (no deadline for in-person)
NV (online 10/29)
NC (also same-day at early voting thru 10/31)
ND (does not have voter registration)
UT (10/27 online)
VT (no deadline)
WA (no deadline for in-person)

Voter registration deadlines for each state:

@QueenRamonda @TonyStark Those hours spent in the cold with no one coming for them would have been an excellent time to think on their actions.

@HopeVanDyne A bad day in Trumpistan is a better day for everyone else! 😀

@PixxburghGirl @YinzPittsburghers I have asked literally every single person I know what their plan and if they know where their polling place is since so many places moved, so I know exactly who is doing what and where! I feel like the drop box GPS. Name your SE PA county and possibly township as I've looked it up for so many people, and I will tell you where to take your ballot!

#Pennsylvania :pa:

If you didn't get your mail-in ballot, here's what you can do:

The election office (or the drop box) is where you want to go anyway! Not the post office! (Instead, support #USPS by sending your holiday cards now since the mail is so delayed.)

@Jen @TonyStark I'm watching Maddow right now. She said 42% of Philadelphia mail is being delivered on time! It was 50-something percent for Detroit. Do not mail your ballot! In PA or anywhere else! :pa: Use the drop box or take it to the election office!

@PixxburghGirl @TonyStark @QueenRamonda So far he's made more Americans dead than any wars except WWII and the Civil War. We cannot re-elect him. He'll think he has a mandate to kill another 420,000 Americans because 655,000 died while Lincoln was president.

Barrett recused but I'm sure she will start paying dividends after November 3rd.

The bottom line is that the Republicans are using any and every excuse to disenfranchise the votes of the citizens of the United States. But in a battleground state, I'll take the wins we get. 

America: Just drop off your ballots at an office or vote on Election Day. This is a win but they won't stop.

Supreme Court Won’t Speed a Do-Over on Pennsylvania’s Ballot Deadlines

If the GOP were to have made the changes in this article, they'd be the Democratic Party. Without irony, the article points out that to improve Republicans, Republicans should become Democrats.

I've never seen the GOP have any regard for working families or people as a whole and the truth is, they never will.

#SeaOfBlue coming at you, brought to you by a fed-up nation.

Opinion | Time is up for the racist know-nothingism of the GOP:

A party is going down in smoke.

#Pennsylvania voters:

With our state’s early voting completed, what’s your plan if you haven’t requested a ballot or yet returned yours? No worries!

- You can still safely vote on Election Day. Bring a mask and cast your ballot.

- You can still return your mail-in ballot if you’ve received it, but get it returned ASAP, personally, at a certified drop box, locations here:

It's too late to mail it.

Did you mail in your ballot? Track it here:

I told @TonyStark I've been listening to songs sung by women from a bit before my time. While the new music that politicized me was released in the mid-80s and later, I have feminist aunts and older friends who introduced me to lots of music like this #SongOfTheDay that they found inspiring. Women supported Clinton 54-39 in 2016 (not all women are white!). Women and the people who love us will deliver the country for #BidenHarris & the rest of the Democrats in six days.

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