Todays Resistance #SongOfTheDay was written in 1969 by a Vietnam vet. A rebuke of the rich& powerful using their privilege to dodge the draft& avoid paying taxes, leaving the poor to shoulder their responsibilities.

My dad & uncles would play it on 4th of July &remember friends who didn't make it home.

When Trump plays it at his rallies, (against John Fogerty's wishes) he's telling us who he is. A coward, a cheat& a liar.

Creedence Clearwater Revival -Fortunate Son

Atlas push to 'slow the testing down' tracks with dramatic decline in one key state

... because the virus respects who is tested and who isn't... 😡

Ahem, just backing up your guy on another platform ma’am @AgentCarter_SSR and the Hodge Technique always proves useful!

From Joe Biden

"Success in a Biden-Harris Administration will not be measured just by the stock market or GDP growth, but by the extent to which growth is raising the pay, dignity, and economic security of our working families—especially those who have been left behind."

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🚨🚨🚨Maine voters, drop off your ballots or vote in person! Maine SoS Dunlap is a good guy, unfortunately late ballots will not be accepted.

From Joe Biden

"GDP rose last quarter, but visits to food banks haven’t slowed, and poverty has grown. We’re on track for the worst economic downturn in over 70 years, and Donald Trump is on track to be the first president since Herbert Hoover to leave office with less jobs than when he came in."

Vote smart this year. Vote for your future, your children's future and your parents future. Vote democrat up and down the ticket.

@TonyStark My unsolicited advice to anyone who lives somewhere with a choice of early voting sites: ask friends where and when they went, whether there was a line, and anything else you need to know. You might be able to pinpoint the best time of day and the place with the most efficient poll workers.

Shorter "Dr." Scott Atlas and Ron DeSantis: "People are not dying if you don't count them."

@TonyStark 👏 Nobody 👏mail 👏ballots

Drop them off!

This Supreme Court decision is a relief for North Carolina voters. I still would recommend dropping off your ballot at a polling place or voting early in person.

Not that I'm a picky eater or anything, but perhaps next date night, we could do something other than Coney Island hotdogs, eh Captain Moneybags?
😂 🤣 😂
CC: @SteveRogers

How Much Back Pay The Army Owes Captain America

Trump's entire philosophy is to destroy the protections that keep us safe, paid, health-insured, and with legal recourse when wronged.

Because it appeals to people who don't know better and allows the GOP to plunge the country closer to the oligarchy that we've been moving toward for decades.

The lying con artist used a Sharpie to alter the path of hurricane Dorian. I used a pen to vote early for Joe Biden and so should you.

How Trump waged war on his own

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