Boom! The endorsement for Dem candidate @ IkeMcCorkle CO-04(mine) by “Knuckles” @ewarren for the win!   Colorado!

Let’s go Colorado!
From Denver Elections Division:
“WHOA. We're up more than 300% in early voting compared to 2016 at 15 days before Election Day. Let's keep up the momentum, Denver!
Still need to cast your vote? Get info on locations & hours and research your ballot at “

Thanks Nat I have already donated and will be there whatever it takes! Thanks for all you do but, if you can get Kamala Harris to drive up in your Winter Soldier black Corvette, that would be epic! Joe can’t run everywhere.

Chief Dooley never said nuthing bout this back in the New York Office. I’ll guess he’s a registered Democratic voter. ☕️😏

My Colorado vote is cast but, hitting the bricks with a “no contact” literature drop for down ticket Democratic candidates. Colorado!

What do Right Partner and I do after dropping off our Colorado ballots in the local dropbox? Get ice cream!

Action Plan 2020 Presidential Election
1. Make coffee.
2. Review state issue information booklet.
3. Complete Colorado ballot ASAP.
4. Return to secure dropbox, whatever it takes.

Elizabeth “Knuckles”Warren in Lewiston Maine today! Go right at ‘em!
“Maine is looking good—even from a distance. Who’s ready to elect JoeBiden, SaraGideon, and Democrats up and down the ballot?”

Copy that !
A great resource for Colorado voters to track their mail-in ballot through the entire process. ☕😷

"Thank you Mr. President. I also think I did rather well. The Cavalry didn't lay a hand on me. However that fly, it almost seemed to be guided!"

Hank Pym: Yes, I'm asking where you two both were last night during the debate? (With a little help?)

Preferring to begin the week without snark on this platform.☕😷

Meanwhile, in another part of the Multiverse. It's going to be a long couple a movies for Tom if he keeps falling for, "put your right foot forward Hunt.💥"

I'm for a complete recovery, good health and a long remaining life in ADX Florence, Colorado. ☕😷

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