He could have been a good example from the start but instead he fueled his supporters to ignore medical experts. Too late for over 130,000 humans.

Biden wore it better.

And wore it sooner.

And wore it without throwing a tantrum.

And the presidential seal on the face mask? Wonder what that cost the taxpayers? #EgoTrip

Watch it go back off if his poll numbers don't go up fast.


This new Elvis Costello song kicks so much ass! As a lifelong fan, I think this is one of the quickest ever to grab me and not let go. Although it’s not a protest song, it has political relevance and commentary woven into its core, like many of his songs do. It’s classic Elvis Costello.


I'm going with the physician and infectious disease expert over a political hack governor whose state's cases are setting COVID19 records. (That's not a positive.)

DeSantis breaks with Fauci, says Florida didn't rush reopening thehill.com/policy/healthcare/

This stand up comedian has been chronicling the news highlights for the past 4 months via 'round-table updates' with the various states. They're hilarious yet pretty accurate as to how each state is approaching issues. (Florida has been alternating between thinking corona virus is the name of an impending hurricane& trying to get 'top score' in cases)


@TonyStark Remember Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander. Remember them all.

Pin every single one of Trump's crimes squarely on the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Because they are the only ones who could have stopped/controlled this mess, and they not only failed to do so, they put their feet up on the dash as he drove our democracy over a cliff. #VoteBlue2020 #BidenAndWhoeverHePicks2020

Trump just confirmed that the greatest threat to the Republic is the president himself:

Angela Merkel put it well when she said that you cannot fight a pandemic with lies and disinformation. 

You also cannot fight a national pandemic with 50+ different plans, minimal federal help, and no national strategy. Trump is killing people in this country with his ineptitude and negligence, and worsening its outlook by pushing anti-science political messaging. I blame Republicans who knew he was a danger to the country and still protected their power and themselves.


The nerve of trump blatantly ignoring the rule of law for his buddies who cover for him. IT is disgusting. -


"There are two systems of justice now in America," House Intelligence Cmte. Chairman Schiff says. "One for criminal friends of the president like Michael Flynn and now Roger Stone — and one for everybody else."

“The health disparities that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic have four causative factors: increased exposure, increased susceptibility, social determinants that lead to unequal access to goods and services, and racism in all of its forms. These four factors put communities of color at disproportionate risk for getting infected and getting sicker with COVID-19."


The United States reported more than 70,000 new coronavirus cases today and Trump had time to commute Roger Stone’s sentence, yet still has not announced a nationwide policy for testing, tracing, or combating COVID-19. He has time for saving himself, only, ever.

Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone in Case He Long Denounced.

The president’s friend had been convicted of impeding a congressional inquiry that threatened Mr. Trump.

Two points: One, fraud of this type is very rarely undiscovered because of the checks and balances associated with mail voting.

Two, when it does happen, Republicans are attempting the fraud.
#VoteByMail #GOPFraud
Five mail-in ballot requests were altered from Democrat to Republican, federal prosectors in West Virginia said.

Mail Carrier in West Virginia Pleads Guilty to Attempted Election Fraud: nyti.ms/3eajXhG

Isn’t worried about #COVID19 or low attendance for failing messaging, is afraid of getting tremendously wet. Right.

Trump Rally Postponed, Campaign Says, Citing Weather nyti.ms/2Of9as8

@AgentCarter_SSR @GlennGriffin8 @MCUMultiverseArchive I also love the story i sent out a tweet and a message on facebook about mastodon and your stories. maybe we will get some joiners from those places.

@AgentCarter_SSR @GlennGriffin8 @MCUMultiverseArchive I love the way you add scenes from agents of shield to the mix it is perfect. I love it.

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