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When the high school went to online classes in spring, Miss Kierah decided it was an opportunity to learn. Frequently she'd hop up on kiddo's desk& peek over the top of his laptop& join the class.

@TonyStark Isn't photobombing in a cat's job description? Mine participates in Zoom calls like it's her job. I get more PMs about her than I do about anything else.

I just realized that I am a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Scientist.

@GlennGriffin8 Oh, I read it wrong. I thought the dogs were canceled. Carry on!

@GlennGriffin8 Aw, is that so? I was looking forward to White House dogs.

@GlennGriffin8 This is happy news on top of all the other happy news that the incoming administration have brought us!

The heck with black Corvettes, I gotta start tagging Joe to name the cat “Goose!”

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I heard about the latest terrible SCOTUS decision and thought about a song by the Fixx from 2012, titled "What God?"

"Save me from the things I don't want
Can you give me what I need?"

Obviously, SCOTUS isn't going to give us what we need as long as it's run by this predominantly GOP-approved lineup.



@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark He probably hasn't asked for the check for anything in years, if ever, based on his track record. If he has, it was a dine and dash.

Trump wants to take this to the supreme court and if they were to rule in trumps favor it would spark mass protests all over the country. -"‘Voters, not lawyers, choose the president’: Appeals court shoots down Trump suit in Pennsylvania" a.msn.com/01/en-us/BB1bqinY?oc

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