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Might be a bit rainy but it's still a beautiful bday to me 😁. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

Saw a guy wearing a Motorola Droid X t-shirt...what year is it?

I do get a lot of questions from people about being on a certain instance(server) and if that matters for communication with their friends on different instances.

Short answer: No!

You can see Mastodon / Fediverse communication like email! For example, if you are on your FULL handle will be:

"" and if you are on your full handle is:


You can use this "full handle" to search or communicate with people on other instances.

You can read more about how this works here

Sharing one of my by my favorite band, (not to mention being from one of my favorite albums by them too!) for some . Hope yinz have a great weekend!

Getting back to doing some work for school tonight. looking at the average rating per genre for movies across the decades from a dataset I've been using. Very interesting so far!

:nkoWave: Hello and a good meowing everyone :blobcathearts: Yay I see everything is working optimal still :blobhappy:

Have a most wonderful day and stay safe please! 🦺 ❤️ :blobfoxsnuggle:

Woohoo almost ! How about some to celebrate the week finally being over 😁😁😁

-If your server misbehaves (or sells out to a malevolent billionaire), you can move your account to a different server, or even to a brand new server. Decentralisation means you're never trapped on a site you hate.

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For newer people complaining about this or that not working/being too slow:

The admin pays for the privilege of hosting your account, for the server, for the bandwidth, in addition to donating their time to run it. There is no giant corporation behind the scenes making a profit off of your activity here.

Additionally there has been a mass sign-up event that no one expected or prepared for.

Perhaps have a little patience & grace and/or throw some funds in @stux direction to help manage it all.

Creating ER diagrams, logical models, and star schemas has to be some of the most boring things I have to do for grad school. I get why they're important, just so boring.

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