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Not to be a Debbie downer. But it’s only fucking Tuesday.

As George Carlin put it, “If you’re pre-born, you’re great. If you’re pre-K, you’re fucked.”

Indivisible is making their plans in light of the SCOTUS challenge to abortion.

Money quote: "Over the next few days we’ll be supporting and coordinating with partners like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, MoveOn, UltraViolet and others to plan mass mobilizations and other actions"

The late, great George Carlin.
Seemed fitting to share this:
Watch "George Carlin - Pro-Life Conservatives" on YouTube

Wanna read something really scary? Checkout the most recent GQP party platform, specifically page 11 😳
Full document: I hope so. There definitely are some good younger Dems in Congress like AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc. I'm just tired of the ones in the higher offices being folks who don't know a USB stick from an Ethernet cable 😅. And don't get me wrong, I love what someone like Bernie stands for but we don't need an 80+ year old president we need someone younger who can rally the younger crowds.

Birth control, same sex marriage, it's all up for grabs now. It's not a coincidence LGBTQ people have been under attack.

The White Christian Nationalist authoritarian theocracy is here. The SCOTUS has lost credibility.

Someone accused me of hyperbole yesterday. It's not possible to be hyperbolic about this. I agree and I'll definitely keep on voting too. It's just starting to look and feel so hopeless. I'm afraid that the GQP will keep getting their shit passed and these older Dems will just remain complacent.

“You should have voted if you didn’t want this to happen.”

We did though. We voted in 2016 for a candidate that won by 3 million more votes. And we got Trump instead.

We voted in 2018 for the Senate. And we couldn’t even impeach a man who openly attempted to overthrow an election.

We voted in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and now the very people we voted for can’t even protect the rights they supposedly believe in too. And all the time, they criticize us when we don’t protest “the right way” (when we break some company’s window) and they call us “too far left” and say our ideas aren’t possible and they cater to the people we voted them into office to oppose.

They’re going to lose the Senate and the House and the presidency in the next few years. And things will get worse. And once again we’ll vote them into office to “restore normalcy.” And once again, nothing fundamental will change.

@calculsoberic Mine as well, as well as some former friends. Trump brought the "best" out in them

@quintessence Yeah I mean I'm not calling for violence or anything but just voting in people doesn't seem to cut it anymore. I'm glad Biden is president over Trump, I'd take a potato over Trump. But what's he done to improve things? I know Congress holds him back from passing things but nothing is getting better with the Dems in power either...

@calculsoberic I think it was a "joke" according to the friend who sent it to me but sadly you know there's people out there who believe that...

@stux I love , you're the best ever and I love so it's a win win win in my own tooting opinion 😄


The leak out of is disturbing - not because of the leak itself, but because of the apparent opinion of a majority of the Court that not only is not a right, but neither is:

Interracial marriage (Loving v. Virginia)
Contraceptives (Griswold v. Connecticut)
Not be sterilized w/o consent (Skinner v. Oklahoma)
Make decisions about your child's education (Pierce v. Society of Sisters)
Have gay sex (Lawrence v. Texas)
To same-sex marriage (Obergfell v. Hodges)

Alito makes it very clear that they're gunning for these, too.

There's a lot to be done to keep this from happening.

But for now...fuck these guys.

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