So what's the answer now? Going out and voting doesn't seem to help anymore, protesting doesn't help anymore. The GOP is destroying this country right in front of our eyes. How do we stop them now?

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@GivMeCoffee I honestly have no idea. They move faster than we do. Voting is too slow. I've been trying to frame different things like "if we wanted to reverse / protect X" as an objective that can be solved and so far nothing happens as fast as the offensive.

@quintessence Yeah I mean I'm not calling for violence or anything but just voting in people doesn't seem to cut it anymore. I'm glad Biden is president over Trump, I'd take a potato over Trump. But what's he done to improve things? I know Congress holds him back from passing things but nothing is getting better with the Dems in power either...


@GivMeCoffee Oh agreed. I'm not either. However figuring out what TO do is a problem. And it's not just about whomever the president elect is and their cabinet (although that obviously matters a ton). I think that a big part of the problem is that the GOP et al have massive momentum so they have the stronger position (in terms of metaphorical muscle, not ethics). It's why voting doesn't matter - there's voting, counter balanced by gerrymandering, and on and on.

@GivMeCoffee IMHO I have no choice. Stay, fight, vote, maybe win some, probably lose some, keep fighting, keep voting. Giving up is not an option.

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