Hey humans! I’m Blue and I’m over here because I saw a post from @queervengeance on the gram telling me about mastodon!

I won’t lie, it’s a lil confusing and overwhelming and I feel like I need a beginners guide to it 🙈 but I’m excited to switch over!

I have ADHD & Social Anxiety! I’m pansexual and also exploring gender and currently using She/They pronouns! I love cats, singing, collecting coins and crystals, memes, The Simpsons, Disney & the theatre!

@GayDHD_And_Me nope! My high school cafeteria stresses me out, and see these people on a daily basis.

@CallMeAVixen25 oh no! Sorry to hear that 😓 I guess I’m quite lucky I don’t have to deal with that anymore! You’re brave for doing it everyday, you got this 😌👏🏽

@GayDHD_And_Me it's fine lol. Currently doing remote learning so it's not a problem 😂

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