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They also hold records for 3rd best samosa and best naan.

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Accidentally discovered the pizza place has the second best fries in town, adding to the growing list of perplexing and unusual top 3 lists for food around here.

Pokemon is so messed up.

I just took out a dragon gym with a 7 story tall cake and a coal filled mine cart, both of whom are sentient.

Taught my router how to tell this stupid adware that comes with mom's Facebook games and tries to infect other devices on the network right the fuck off.

The Birb site TOS just keeps getting worse. Ooof. That thing scares me a bit, now.

Almost off work which means it's almost time to play with my laptop.

Sometimes the best payment a freelancer can have is the knowledge they will never have to see or hear from a specific client ever again.

I ghost write, I write my own books, and I write recreationally.

I value that time. It's not free unless I offer it for free.

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As a reminder, many people find it irritating when you expect their services for $0.

I don't care if you need help with a scholarship paper or an official report. You are occupying my creative time. I have rates for it. End of.

Texas, who is railing against covid restrictions, and who is filled with people so stupidly sure covid isn't real that they will bite security guards may be the single place on Earth where monkey pox can get traction going with so little resistance it qualifies as assistance.

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Reading up on monkey pox was briefly comforting because NORMALLY, I'd say covid protocols should keep it relatively muted.


The outbreak is in Texas.

I have started to do character breakdowns/analysis things on my Ko-fi and Sylvie is one of the ones I'm most irritated by because of how people are choosing to misconstrue her character.

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