Me: this should be like $70

Me: there's a coupon for 20000 points if I spend over $50, so that's fine

Cashier: That'll be 46.19

Debit card: Tap

Me, 5 steps out the door: MY BONUS POINTS

This, right here, is why I'm working for ~minimum wage rather than doing something that could pay significantly more, trying to catch kids falling through the cracks (or more like, catch kids freefalling absent of any ground to hold them)

> "I'm a tough man who's seen terrible things"
> <read tweet>
> :crying:

>> @d_martin05@birdsite
>> A powerful reminder on why we need grace and patience with students.
#edchat #education

"instructions unclear, dick in toaster" is still the funniest fucking shit to me i don't care

This goes double for baby formula or diapers, but I think that goes without saying

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Nobody has ever shoplifted food and if you thought you saw someone doing it one time you were wrong and you definitely did not

Inspired by soft's find of absolutely awful shit, here's a reminder that a large portion of the Romani population consider g*psy to be a slur and that you should never use it

@AKAFeldman Wendy's gets me in a way that no other brand ever seems to quite grasp

Me: I want to try that bacon deluxe

Wendy's: do you, though? The baconator is-

Me: the bacon deluxe is $4

Wendy's app: here's a coupon for a $5 baconator


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