Me: I want to try that bacon deluxe

Wendy's: do you, though? The baconator is-

Me: the bacon deluxe is $4

Wendy's app: here's a coupon for a $5 baconator


Taught my router how to tell this stupid adware that comes with mom's Facebook games and tries to infect other devices on the network right the fuck off.

Texas, who is railing against covid restrictions, and who is filled with people so stupidly sure covid isn't real that they will bite security guards may be the single place on Earth where monkey pox can get traction going with so little resistance it qualifies as assistance.

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It's been a weird day on the Discworld memes page so I just want you to know that if I get banned for joining in-

One of my beta readers gave me feedback entirely using a meme generator.

They were taken off the future beta readers list for sending the first one, but when I replied saying I was hoping for more constructive criticism, they sent me the following three and I put them back on the list

Birb site light mode 

Today, I learned that the second worst character in FFXII has not one but TWO fans.

Animal passing 

This song sparrow was nicknamed "friend".

Six animal hospitals refused to treat it because it was wild. The rescue hotline helped make it comfortable.

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