And for FOR THE LOVE OF THE GREAT MOTHER, Tusky doesn't have a translation, please ask questions in English because I am about to lose my mind with "open toot in browser" -> "Translate" on a phone that can't connect to the server hosting the toot 35 seconds out of 60

@FrostedSiren ( not being to be disrepectful but it's fine if you said to the one who asked that you didn't understand their language, or there's a lot of nice people around there who would help you translate it. but yep, i agreed atleast they should be more careful in a terms to talk with others.

we got your back and kindly apologize if our current activities make the server burned out atm, we'd eait patiently )

@wonpilz burned out?

I was expecting perhaps 10-20 users. Not 661.

I can't afford a hosting plan that high

( @FrostedSiren It's actually larger than 10-20 users since it's kinda hard to predict the exact amount of RP users, we aren't kind of organized community even the users who declaring as RP are really hard to be listed and counted. if it would be gone too hard for you and the teams then we don't want to force anything )


@wonpilz I was only EXPECTING 10-20 users.

That isn't what showed up and I literally can't afford the resources for this many accounts.

Nevermind the accounts of the friends who I invited to join. I am just crying right now.

( @FrostedSiren Oh.. I see. Sorry it takes time for me to understand that. Please tell us if there's any suggestions that we should do to alleviate the chaos )

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