I think I've got all my notes ready for next week Sunday. It looks like a simple enough idea but I bet it's gonna get sticky.

Listen, it's two above freezing and my fingers are numb

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I want the 5G chipped vaccine so I can play animal online games on my switch during my boring Sunday morning walk to work

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propelling my phone to escape velocity so it can finally get 5g

(this contains a Disassociated identity disorder joke.)

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I am running a hot streak of OVERT JOKES not going over well. I got blocked twice by birb site moots for jokes ???

I mean, the one about their complaints about the use of toilet humor is fair but in my defense, I'm 11 months old & toilet humor is peak gold for toddlers okay?

The original tweet was

"The guys who were paranoid about the FBI watching and arresting them are shocked to discover the FBI was actually stalking and arresting them after they broke the law."

Twitter has forced this tweet's removal too(?)

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Dating profile: looking for a 5g chip to my covid vaccine

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damn i wish the covid vaccine had a 5g chip in it. maybe then i'd get some good cell service!!!

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Dutch People: Holland is not the Netherlands, don't say Holland :blobcatsadlife:

Dutch Tourism ministry: names their website Holland.com :blobfoxsmirk:

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This was one of the best and worst things for social media's future I've read in a while.

While I agree that the pro-far-right sections might be bad, the idea that LGBT+ groups could create sections that are safe for vulnerable members of the community is not a bad thing.

Like most technological advances, this is a neutral step forward. Good or ill depends on who is using it and for what intent.


Cid hominem attacks are crafted so curiously that clearly magic is required to keep them afloat.

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