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C418 - Axolotl is my new favorite minecraft song.

I keep accidentally stabbing myself with my nails


If you're not taking this seriously then please, stay away from me.

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I used to have a UserStyle that made regular Wikipedia look a little better, but then I realized it breaks on every other language so I never ended up releasing it.

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Visiting the mobile version of Wikipedia on desktop actually looks a lot nicer.

Freeplay :blobfoxaww: boosted even if the plastics were recyclable and the lids werenโ€™t aluminumโ€ฆ how many people, especially in a commercial setting, do you reckon will open those things up and remove the filter and grounds so recycling facilities can actually process them? the entire concept of these pods is an environmental sin

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I've read a lot of stuff about Earth and I'm not sure I'd like to live on it

Going to bed I have so many ideas for things, and then I wake up and I either just don't do it or I lose motivation trying.

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Why not make a current child's life better (adopting) instead of creating new ones?

I don't know what to do and have no motivation to make stuff.

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>please install Chrome to use this website

bitch u don't have a 'website' you have a Chromesite

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One of the worst jobs is a content moderator. you are not prepared for things and take a look at them.

In sum and as a whole, it certainly shows the most negative sides of humanity.

Great respect for these people.

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