I don't understand how people have like a million tabs open at once...

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@laggard This but for me the strengths are grouped with weaknesses.

And then OnToP oF tHaT, I just keep starting more stuff, which takes up more time, and then I don't want to finish the other stuffs and yeA

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Second reason is that I'm always like... Am I missing something? I should hold off on releasing this thing I might be missing something really obvious or something might be wrong and a.

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Also one of the reasons why I don't release some stuff, I'm too lazy to fix them...

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I make stuff, and then I'm like oh my God this is so cool wow!!
And then it breaks (or I made it in a really bad way) and I have to fix it. :(

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I wish the fox bot didn't post so many photos from the Zao Fox Village

@stux I added a simple lil' smoll bobble css animation to the illustrations, I think it adds a nice lil' touch

The reason I went with Mastodon than any other federated platform was because it was just easier to get into. It has a friendlier look then some other alternatives, and even gives a smoll introduction when creating a new account. And there isn't really a need for me to switch away from mstdn.social with a great admin :D

Pleroma has improved its landing page a bit, although it's still a bit eh in my opinion.

Not too great at explaining stuffs btw, I'm just confused 90% of the time lOl

@nat Would be nice if you provided some images in the readme!

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