I made a Google Docs Tweaks :D

Vertical Toolbar, Hide buttons & borders, Compact Comments, Fill BG, & More!

Install with Stylus here: userstyles.world/style/1217/go

Ew, Roblox.

(Possibly another style that I'm never going to release)

I've made an accessibility tools !
I don't know much about accessibility, so please leave feedback! The style can be found here: userstyles.world/style/122/acc

I made a theater mode transparent chat thing

: greasyfork.org/en/scripts/4147

Also here's a really bad gif of it because upload limits.

For people who use Google Classroom, I've made a snippet that displays the full assignment name. Which it should've done from the start.


Does anyone know of good alternatives to userstyles.org other than greasyfork.org?

Anyone know how to change the color of the boost button on Mastodon using CSS?

I'm trying to make a that changes the accent colors.

Does anyone know how to use @import's on 's? (Using Stylus)

Made a few changes to the look of Mastodon using a I made, which I think looks a bit better. I don't know what I would name it tho, not gud w/ names D:

Some snippets I made for Mastodon, every snippet toggleable through options

- Emoji Zoom on hover
- Larger Emoji Picker
- Display full images on posts
- Replace 'Delete & Re-Draft' with 'Delete & Rethink your choices'
- Change light elements to darker themed ones (works best with default mastodon theme)

Now available at:
: greasyfork.org/en/scripts/4087

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