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So apparently on some mobile browsers, you're forced to use JavaScript instead of a simple CSS 100vh to make the element fill the screen vertically without it being cut off due to the header pushing it down, and it being called a 'Feature'

I've def had more tabs open since I got vertical tabs in my browser, feels less cramped than a horizontal one.

14 tabs open rn, which for some isn't that much. And I fear them.

I want to make software look good.

but also idk how to do that

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flashy newline, but with a very important message:

Retoots very much appreciated!

Kind of wish there was a "See less" button on Mastodon for boosts and posts. I still want to see content from them, but sometimes they overwhelm my timeline D: (ignore-twt)

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Oh btw! For a while now I've been searching for a trustworthy and bullshit-free news platform but there are almost none...

Soo why not start something ourself with people who are interested! I had this domain still and since Ghost is quite nice, fast and bullshit-free I've setup this:

Is anyone interested writing / posting news articles based on facts without bullshit?😄

No ads, no trackers, just simple plain news!

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'Change the sizes of fonts' should not be a feature anyone has to ask for at this point.

Windows 95 could do it. Old versions of GNOME could do it.

New versions of GNOME it's hidden under a tweaks tool because 'Options are BAD' has become an orthodoxy leading them to decide to just have a 'bigger' checkbox that kicks them up a couple points to whatever they think 'big enough for visual disabilities' is.

(Application designers should simply have no expectation that they know what size any font is and design accordingly.)

The Fallen Web is particularly egregious about this, since people decided they 'know' how big fonts are in terms of pixels and just design for the number of pixels in a screen, making Zoom Text or setting a minimum font size work really badly.

Everytime I use the Pop! Shop I encounter at least one "Pop! Shop has stopped responding" popup.

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Just Shapes & Beats is an amazing game and everyone should get it.

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Do you know #JoinTheFedi?

It's an awful site that recommends some of the worst of the worst #Fediverse servers to join. Only exception is @stux'

Is there anything we can do to bury this site deep down the search results when searching for "fediverse"?

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