The image works on other platforms, why not mastodon?? (ignore-twitter)

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Wich Browser do you use the most time? Other why? :D

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Which search engine do you use the most?

Anyone know of a FireFox addon like OneTab that works w/ Firefox's Multi-Account containers?

Dark themes have much more variety than light themes I feel

look at deez

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Geez I actually didn't realize how bad that gif actually is lOl

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I made a theater mode transparent chat thing


Also here's a really bad gif of it because upload limits.

Apparently switching timezones and back fixes it

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I can't add any more videos to my watchlater list due to me reaching the maximum amount of videos a playlist can have...

And there doesn't seem to be an easy way to clear it.

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Kind of wish federation was an actual thing

And if instances don't want twitter, they can just block them.

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Having the option to not show bots in the federated timeline would be great. (ignore-twitter)

Please just ban anything that causes a mess that someone else has to clean up afterwards at a party or something (Glitter, Confetti, Etc.)

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