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New Techtonic interview: James Bridle, author, “Ways of Being: Animals, Plants, Machines: The Search for a Planetary Intelligence.”

Stream the interview -

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I kinda want to start a local to where I live w/music, news, culture. Any hints from zine veterans out there?

ON-J with some stray dogs in NYC ❤️ (Photo: Waring Abbott/Getty Images)

Olivia Newton-John - Help Me Make It Through the Night

There’s a ladybug in my room and I had no idea what to wish for. So I wished for tacos. Then I remembered they just bring good luck and they don’t grant wishes. Now that I think about it the whole idea is a bunch of garbage. The ladybug is pretty though

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Республика Дагестан | Republic of Dagestan, 2017.
Artesian well in the Northern, flat part of Dagestan.
(c) Sergey Trapezin

#closeuprussia #sergeitrapezin #rf #photography #photo


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What we learned from COVID? That oil is worthless in a society without consumption. That healthcare has to be public because health is public. That 50% of jobs can be done from home while the other 50% deserve more than they're being paid. That we live in a society not an economy


I love you very, very much
- something I just said to an air conditioner

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Change your profile picture or share this please.
Do something purple 💜💜💜💜 with @c_todd
Let's flood the internet with purple for ❄️💜❄️

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Just saw these shocking images of China’s bike share graveyards. Over 25m bikes rolled out in 2016-17, $1bn in VC for 70 start-ups… ended up like this. (Surely they will become scrap?)

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[#Russia] Граффити-война российских #Antifa: одни рисуют Z, другие ее перекрывают, но добавляют серп и молот 👀.
Неужели все те антифа, которые здорового человека, уже в тюрьмах или в эмиграции?(

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