The Weird Al movie is an early Oscars favorite

@heurism I saw him on a show and couldn’t remember his name - thank you! he incorporated a sample of the “o-o-o o’reilly’s auto parts” jingle into one of his songs.

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Why is Jair Bolsonaro there? Did Russia annex Brazil?

8/15 on today’s Guardian Quiz. Stinko

Crazy dreams lately - I must be clearing out random thoughts

The Fort Myers Florida fire chief has quite a mustachio

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@me thank you! I hate microsoft too. i've never gotten off ms word. i miss the days of word perfect (or imperfect :blobcatfingerguns:)

@me if they help me write a decent cover letter I’m all for it.

I have an MS Office account and I get these emails at regular intervals even though I don’t request a code. So far I haven’t suffered any obvious harm but wtf is with MS blasé approach

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