Why is Jair Bolsonaro there? Did Russia annex Brazil?

The Fort Myers Florida fire chief has quite a mustachio

I have an MS Office account and I get these emails at regular intervals even though I don’t request a code. So far I haven’t suffered any obvious harm but wtf is with MS blasé approach

Here’s a long lost picture of Fran after she was spayed. Is that a Czech National Hockey Team tshirt she’s wearing you ask? Yes, yes it is.

Sweetie is thrilled at the bounty awaiting her for breakfast


My mind is blown that glucagon is now administered in a nasal spray. I’m haunted by memories of having that syringe jammed into my leg by a freaked out loved one

Watched Kleo on Netflix this past weekend. Good enough to binge watch but not great. But the title character is cool

Chipmunk hanging out in the bushes. Hangs out there all day and steals birdseed: a felonious munk 🐿️

Unfortunately to do a loop I had to walk next to the road on the way home.

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