In case you were gonna ask me if I drank the brine in the jar of jalapeño slices in the fridge, I will answer in the affirmative.


I’ve had some bad leg cramps and I thought it would be a good way to consume some electrolytes. I drank a little bit first, to gauge how hot it was, and it seemed ok.

So I basically chugged it. And that was stupid because slowly my mouth built up to a white hot burning which has just subsided.

Don’t do this unless you have one of those fage yogurt tubs to dunk your head into. It hurts.

@Fran Wow that is hard core. I have been drinking coconut water but thinking maybe I need to move to more effective electrolytes

@Janetgunter next time I’ll do it with pickle juice 🔥 🥵

@Fran Pickle juice tastes good but a little too acid for my poor gut.

Just reading about oral rehydration salts. I might get some packets

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