Boosts appreciated :ablobcatenjoy:

The country of my birth…

I read recently about virtual countries. How do we start one up? And what denomination of our currency will have @stux on it? :ablobcatmeltwave: i already left the country but i like there too - which one should i choose :mikuXD:

@Arcana @Fran Hope you get out quickly. Also what country and why?

(If it's the UK then I get it lol)

@oklomsy @Arcana I’m ok w staying in the U.S. It might sound weird, but the poor treatment of the vulnerable in this country gives me a sense of purpose. I don’t want to abandon them.

@Fran has a lot of problems, near fascism, and would love to move out to either Switzerland or Germany to get some safety

@Fran for the purposes of my answer i am separating the UK into it's constituent countries

@Fran "my home country isn't perfect but I'm leaving anyway" :blobcatcoffee:

@Fran no loyality to the country, but whenever I lived elsewhere I mssed to town of my birth.

@Fran is no longer my home, but i'd like to go back and visit family every now and then

@Fran Is terrible, but I‘m not likely to leave because everywhere else is just terrible in different ways and at least my friends are here.

@Fran isn't perfect but it's happier than the country I emigrated to and I feel relief to have returned.

@cosullivan I feel like I should have included more choices but I guess that’s always the way!

@Fran I acknowledge my case is close to singular. I left three years ago although I miss and dream of the city I lived in for 23 years.

@Fran isnt perfecr but im happy here. Doubt i will leave

@Fran what i can say about PoLaNd ? o.O not gonna leave...

@hacknorris I like Poland (my ancestry) but the politics are Krazee. kinda like the U.S. but with the Virgin Mary as a cabinet minister

@Fran at first i used to be more idealist but now i think its a backwards shithole but don't have money or resources to leave for now..

@Fran you don't have any options (that I can see) for people born in a country they don't currently live in but might want to go there

@Fran This is difficult to answer because there are awful things that make me want to leave but other things that are much better than elsewhere.

Just from a career perspective, is the academic job market trash already, and has the government put a stranglehold to slowly kill universities? Yes. Would I like to go to a country that doesn't even have free public universities of the same caliber? Not sure.

@Fran I’m going to abstain because it’s possible to hate your nation (a legal entity enforced by violence) and love your country (the land & the people — well, most of them). I don’t want to leave the latter, I want to abolish the former.

@mycorrhiza what you said reminded me of The Avett Brothers' song We Americans. Do you know it?
(I think they fall a bit short but I guess their intention is good enough? There's a debate, there.)

@k_purpose I hadn't heard that before. What a pretty song — thanks for sharing. It's not exactly where I'm coming from but I vibe with folks who are there.

@mycorrhiza southern boys, they are. Not that I can presume to fathom the complexity of that immense coutry.

@Fran has problems, but:
- everywhere does
- I can make more difference here than elsewhere
- I can fulfill my obligations better here than anywhere else
- the places that would be comfortable to go to instead, are only comfortable to me because of my privileges.
- here I can work to dismantle privilege.

@eqe @Fran I think that for me, moving & working on the social issues in my new home was the better choice, mostly because in my new home, there are some pretty powerful restorative justice things that have already happened which will make it easier to see beneficial outcomes. Then, I'd work to try & get folks in my old home to adopt the progressive issues.

@trishalynn @Fran that's super valid and easily could have been my path, almost was. Still might be, tbh.

@eqe @Fran In either case, we all need to support each other as much as we can because regardless of where one is, the fight in both areas is equally difficult.

@Fran has problems but honestly there's not a lot of places that would be a big upgrade, so i just stay here

@Fran Nobody wants a pack of disabled queers with poor job prospects in their country so we are stuck here! But also, our existence makes bigots mad, and spite is a legitimate reason to stay.

@Fran is home.
it's full of shitheads, but everywhere's full of shitheads.

@Fran "trying to get out" nah literally no one will take disabled people but otherwise, #DeathToAmerica yeh

@Fran it isn't perfect but I've also left and am unlikely to go back in the long term

@Fran is ready to go back whenever things work out that way.

@Fran I wish I could vote "is no longer my home and I'm never going back" but I'm going to be forced to return or I'll be deported.

@Fran the country is horrible but i'm stubborn

@Fran is quite nice, if it was not for the horrible sentence "wenn das jeder machen würde" which makes even small bending of rules that hurt nobody matters of state security.

@Fran hmm these poll options don't work so well for immigrants who like their birth country but left it for whatever reasons

@Fran @brainwane I feel like linking the severity of the problems to the likelihood of leaving is a mistake. My country has significant problems, but I’m staying to fight for it.

@a @brainwane yeah I learned early on after posting the poll that the wording/choices could have been better. I would also never leave bc I think I serve my purpose trying to my bit to save my country

@Fran one extra option would be "isn't perfect but there's a looming disaster making me plan for a hasty departure."

Is terrible. I stay and help those who cannot help themselves.

@Fran Has terrible problems which obviously somebody ought to fix, and here I am, so I guess I need to try. Gosh this is hard.

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