I live in biggie’s old stomping grounds and there are lots of murals, signs, and other remembrances in the neighborhood. Here he is as a graduate

Last week was probably the most momentous of my life:

1. my wife and I decided to separate
2. I got a new job, one that I really wanted after a couple years of a tough work situation that messed with my mind
3. my forty-somethingth birthday, which isn't really a big deal, but coming with the other two things it bears additional significance

I hope this week will be quieter.

HI everyone - hope your Sunday is going well!

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I ❤️ The music links on here. Lemme share a site where I’ve found some nice mixes and stuff I’d never hear otherwise:


I’ve no idea who runs it but they’re def a smarty pants judging from the literary posts.

Rock on you beautiful garbage angels (apologies to Louise Belcher)

Hello good morning!

Happy to those of you with terrible taste in pets :blobfoxlaugh:

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"At a moment when it’s hard to imagine anything in American culture posing a threat to the established social order, Ruland’s book helps explain why we lack a meaningful counterculture today." newrepublic.com/article/166269

I was 7 when Chariots of Fire was in the theaters and I went with my friend Teddy to see it, based on the Vangelis song alone. Not really a kid’s movie.

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Which cheese do Death Metal fans like best 


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