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@podcastlinux Hola Juan!
yo antes te segu铆a en twitter pero borre mi cuenta; y ahora estoy aqu铆 en mastodon 馃槂
este es mi escritorio:

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We are happy to offer the latest #plasmamobile by @kdecommunity using our new kde-unstable @manjarolinux repository, which ships daily builds of all #KDE software from #master branch.

Download for your #pinephone by @thepine64 :

Original tweet :

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he instalado zsh en MX linux :D

I have installed zsh in MX linux :D

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How do turtles communicate with each other? :blobturtle: 

With shell phones :mortyheh:

@stux if i don't know what have the vaccine in, this bring me insecurity

Hola, me acabo de crear este perfil de mastodon!!
me llamo germe, soy linuxero, informatico y dibujante
un gusto conocerlos

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