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hey fellow cuties! sending love and good vibes :blobcatmelt: :heart_trans:

I like to use Mastodon to share nice and fun things, but lately my brain has just been thunderclouds and anxiety.

Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

Trying to maintain my mental health, weight and happiness is like spinning 10 lube covered plates on very flimsy sticks.

Sure Nintendo made femboy link but they're too cowardly to make femboy Mario

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You can say what you want about Meta, but they've really captured the "dead inside, hide the pain" look.


Holy shoot! Hatchwell is releasing tomorrow! I'm not nervous! You're nervous! 🥲

Wishlist my little action RPG on Steam so you'll get notified tomorrow!

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#gamedev #gamemaker #pixelart #arpg #indie #indiegame #indiedev #steam #zeldalike

People need to stop pretending slicing a cauliflower and grilling it makes it a steak. Ffs. Smother it in cheese sauce or give up.

This is just to say

I have right-clicked
the plum JPEGs
that were on
the blockchain

and which
you were probably
as an investment

Forgive me
they were stupid
so ugly
and so worthless

Also thinking this morning: please remember that if an app's policy says "we will keep your data absolutely super safe and not share with advertisers or anyone else... except law enforcement with a warrant"

then all it takes is a) a bad law, b) someone to issue that warrant.

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