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Fox Regular Mike Huckabee Blows Off NYT Bombshell On Trump's Taxes: 'So What?'

What Trump and Biden Should Debate at the Cleveland Clinic: Why the Hospital’s Private Police Mostly Arrest Black People

'Agitated' Don Jr. Throws Jell-O At The Wall As Dad's Taxes Made Public

Trump's Former Campaign Manager Taken Into Custody After Threatening Suicide

Trump's Not A 'Failed Businessman' -- He's A Money Launderer

It’s called a coup

Pennsylvania Republicans are plotting to help Trump steal the election. These corporations support them.

Trump’s taxes reveal a monumentally poor business record and a LOT of FRAUD

Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance

That thump you just heard under the wheels of the Trump train?…

Ivanka Trump Could Be Going Down Thanks To Her Dad’s Tax Fraud

Sen. Roy Blunt: ACA Repeal No Big Deal, And By The Way, No Virus Relief Anytime Soon

Senator Amy Klobuchar Tears Lyin' Ted Cruz To Shreds

Sen. Mike Lee Really Doesn't Want To Talk About The Impact Of Ripping Healthcare Away From Millions

The Future Of American Political Leadership: Mondaire Jones


Federal income taxes paid in 2017 (jointly with spouse):

Joe Biden - $3,742,974
Kamala Harris - $516,469
Bernie Sanders - $343,882
Elizabeth Warren - $268,484

Donald Trump - $750

BOMBSHELL: Trump's Taxes Are A Nesting Doll Of Scams, Lies And Sleight Of Hand

Watch As Democratic Congresswoman Rips Republican’s Empty Healthcare Promises To Pieces

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