Biden Says He Will Put Together A SCOTUS Reform Commission To Look At Options

RT I never once thought the FBI would try to confuse the American ppl but then..I used to believe everything they ever told us.


This election, I’m voting against death.


65% of our fleet has had COVID-19 outbreaks. When will realize that public health = national security?


⁦⁩ lies. Numbers don’t. Here’s how bad the COVID-19 plague really is.


My father,, is 94. He has never made a political video. Until now.

Several things about this story are alarming

-AFTER ELECTION= Trump is expecting to win even tho everything points to his loss
-Biden/son being investigated=Trump is targeting Biden, a political rival. EXACTLY what he’s whined about Obama doing

Powerful Project Lincoln Ad For Florida: Trump Is English For Castro

Louis DeJoy Pull Postal Cops Off The Streets, Two Weeks Before The Election

Pope Francis Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions, Unlike The GOP And Amy Coney Barrett

DHS Blames Iran For ‘Proud Boys’ Emails Threatening Democrats

Maryland Man Arrested Over SICK Kidnapping And Murder Plot Against Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

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