Al Franken Predicts Democrats Will Successfully Modify Filibuster

CNN Catalogues Trump's Many Obfuscations And Election Lies

RT Dear my fellow Democrats,
1. It's really okay to not be nice.
2. It's really okay to be pissed off.
3. It's really okay to use their tactics.
--Don Winslow


Why can’t democrats fight like republicans? Why do they keep assuming people are acting in good faith?

In NY, We're Starting To See How Well Vaccine Mandates Work

Nihilists On Parade: Republicans Block Debt Ceiling Vote

Kudlow Declares Build Back Better Plan Will 'Damage America's Soul'

Yeah People Aren't Quitting Their Jobs To Avoid Vaccine

While Media Obsesses Over Marge, Don't Sleep On Debbie Dingell

'Christian' Marge Greene: House Prayer And Pledge Is A Waste Of Taxpayer Money

Fox News' Mark Levin Hates Government Helping Families

Anti-Vaxxer MAGA Cartoonist Has COVID, Will Self-treat With Ivermectin, Beet Juice

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Buddies Tried to Get the VA to Sell Access to Veterans’ Medical Records

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