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When you are wildlife photographer the goal is to blend in with your surroundings so that you don't scare off the animals

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"Religious freedom ends when it becomes an excuse to harm other people."

Pete Buttigieg

Another Threat To Democracy You Mave Have Missed: Don Balduc ift.tt/dw0EoN1

Tudor Dixon Tells A 'Sir Story,' And No One Believes It ift.tt/1k5KVOW

KremlinTV Confused By 'Democrat' Tulsi Gabbard ALWAYS Attacking Biden ift.tt/DhVzjZp

Memories: NY, NJ Remember When DeSantis Voted No On Sandy Aid ift.tt/1rYwluW

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My name is Baby , today is my 17th birthday 🎉🤍❤

Mercy Chefs On The Ground Making Hot Meals For Floridians ift.tt/RNXcGAP

QAnon Conspiracists Buoyed By Trump's Truth Social Embrace ift.tt/GZElmqR

Trump-Backed J.R. Majewski Just Can't Stop Stolen Valor-ing ift.tt/bOnxiW5

It’s Not Just Ginni Thomas But Roberts’ And Coney Barrett’s Spouses, Too ift.tt/pAWrzCi

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