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😡🤬 women should have the right to choose.

BREAKING: Minnesota Schools Must Allow Students to Use Locker Rooms that Align with their Gender Identity

N.H. & Lucero v Anoka-Hennepin School District_tcm1061-448605 mn.gov/mdhr/assets/N.H.%20&%20

Amy Coney Barrett is Trump’s Key to Stealing the 2020 Election

Trump's Extremist Supreme Court Pick Could Hand Him the Election truthout.org/video/trumps-extr

'Deterrence': Leaked Trump Campaign Documents Show Facebook Suppression Against Black Voters ift.tt/2EFqCVl

Ex-GOP Congressman Can't Justify Trump's $70,000 Hair Deduction ift.tt/339nf2j

Ohio Just Ordered GM to Repay $28 Million in Tax Breaks for Closing the Lordstown Auto Plant buff.ly/3jbGXAn

ACLU: True Justice for Breonna Taylor Won’t Come From Criminal Charges Alone ift.tt/30i6RLj

CDC Director Blasts Trump's Newest COVID Task Force Hire: 'Everything He Says Is False' ift.tt/33aIocH

WATCH LIVE: Sen. Kamala Harris Delivers Remarks On Trump's SCOTUS Pick, And 2020 Race ift.tt/34m4Y1t

The Federal Government Promised Native American Students Computers and Internet. Many Are Still Waiting. buff.ly/30fkyKY

Trump's Private Border Wall Fiasco Gets The 60 Minutes Treatment ift.tt/2S6533l

John Oliver Says To Mitt Romney, 'Since When Is This Nation Naturally Center-Right?' ift.tt/343TpeY

Rove: Biden Shouldn't Try To Fact-Check Mr. 20,000 Lies Because He's Made Two Gaffes ift.tt/347fVn7

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