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GOP hypocrites want to silence House Dems.

While continuing to support the violent insurrectionists.

Get lost.

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It’s astonishing how many white people in Washington feel comfortable policing the language of a Black woman over the trial of a police officer who killed yet another Black man.

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Ron Johnson confesses he didn't think Wisconsin voters deserved pandemic survival checks rawstory.com/ron-johnson-again

FL Sheriff Warns New Residents Not To 'Vote Wrong' And Ruin Their Paradise ift.tt/3eaFDw0

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The harm this sort of thing can do to a child’s psychological well-being and self esteem is immeasurable! Im almost 44 and it still effects me to this day! They had NO right to touch one lock one this beautiful girls hair!!!

Happy 4/20! According To Pew, 91% Of Adults Now Support Legalizing Marijuana ift.tt/3sIbIkp

Keilar Compares Trump's Hannity Appearance To A 'Mean Girls Group Chat' ift.tt/3xcr2cc

Geraldo Rivera Scolds Tomi Lahren Over 'Outrageous' George Floyd Claim ift.tt/3sthLck

Trump Might Not Run, But No One In The GOP Can Beat Him ift.tt/3dvNZ2n

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I think I'm gonna have to shutter COSO. Gab was one thing, then came Parler, and now, Lindell's frankspeech.

Even tho they are all fishing in the same pond of rubes, I just don't know what I can do to compete.


Scratch that.


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BREAKING: Majority of Republicans oppose legislation their own constituents support.

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This is child abuse, done to a child by someone who we teach them they are supposed to trust and feel safe with. Add to that stonewalling by top school administrators!

Seriously, WTAF?!


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What did he do? What was he cuffed for?

He was cuffed for protesting exactly what is happening to him!

5 white cops, 2 on stand by on 1 unarmed black man.

Treated more inhumanly than any white mass shooter in this country or any white insurrectionist!

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@LiberalFenix@twitter.com It seems his cause of death was determined by the same people conducting Chauvin’s defence.

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