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"SC To Pronounce Judgment On Karnataka MLAs Disqualification Case Tomorrow"

Don't be surprised tomorrow if

SC Observes:
- 17 MLAs were resigned from assembly under operation Kamala
- Horse trading was unlawful

SC delivers Judgement:
- 17MLAs are now given to BJP

No power in world has ever successful in suppressing students anger. With these atrocities Govt is making permanent enemies. Stop it.

- GDP growth at 15-year low
- Unemployment at 45-year high
- Household consumption at 4-decade low
- Bad loans at all-time high
- Electricity growth at 15-year low

Narendra Modi and his Ministers are incompetent to take India forward.

I explore the life of Urdu journalist Maulavi Muhammad Baqar, who recorded the siege of Delhi during the 1857 mutiny in his paper Dehli Urdu Akhbar.

"I can't pass laws to make you start loving me. But I can pass laws to stop you from lynching me,," said Martin Luther King Jr.

Lal Salaam to my Twitter comrade @rotdubhakt ! Welcome to Mastodon and freedom

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. #Voltair

Hey folks RB is here. Follow him, you will enjoy when takes on bigots.


Thank u @Feignshourie I guided you how twitter works 5yrs back...time you have to guide me on mastodon 😂

Anil Ambani is overloaded with orders from IAF & Indian Navy. To maintain his focus, he decided to resign from his inherited super cash rich Reliance Communications. Wish every Indian industrialist becomes so patriotic.

Maharashtrian bhakts should be careful & share such material cautiously, because once things settle, Shiv Sainiks will be at your doors and no one from Delhi is coming for you. Just friendly advise.

Frustrated BJP folks from Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon are posting photoshop images of Uddhav Thackeray, making vulgar comments which are massively shared by BJP trolls on various Social Media platforms and WhatsApp.

Under J Gogoi the Supreme Court has departed so far from "fundamental principles," that it is no longer recognisable as a “Court” in the classical mould, argues @gautambhatia in the best summary of a CJI's tenure that I have seen.

I know few guys started good as anonymous & someday out of excitement they let some other people know their identity and their game finished in no time.

If you really care for your privacy, uninstall all social media apps, specially on android.

Also you need not to be anonymous because you are actually no longer anonymous.

When any app is being installed on smartphones, it asks for certain permissions like access to photo gallery, camera, SMS, calling or call records.
If you don't care for these things, you don't need to be bothered about Pegasus thing.

People used to feel offended & called him/her incompetent, when someone copied their social media posts. The disease has reached to ED, Solicitor General of India and High Court justice! What to call these folks?

What is going on?

After ED was caught doing copy-paste in their pleadings, now it appears that Delhi High Court Judge has similarly done copy-paste from an unrelated SC judgment while rejecting Chidambaram’s bail!

This is the way in which the system is dealing with bail and liberty of even the tallest leaders of opposition!

Where is justice?!

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