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"SC To Pronounce Judgment On Karnataka MLAs Disqualification Case Tomorrow"

Don't be surprised tomorrow if

SC Observes:
- 17 MLAs were resigned from assembly under operation Kamala
- Horse trading was unlawful

SC delivers Judgement:
- 17MLAs are now given to BJP

Neither determination nor intensity, why to execute such lackluster attack on someone?

I really condemn such attack on Arnab Goswami.

Stop trending hashtags like etc.

What is need of the hour is to have few volunteers and get them trained at Thackeray School of Reactionary Arts. Think over it.

Sometimes I feel like I had enough of twitter and must quit now. I don't know when it will happen.

How to learn Arabic and Persian? Any online resources which may help?

Few journalists should just shut up on twitter and focus on journalism.

RW trolls and BJP Government is not different, it is same. It your eye sight which is flawed to see Govt as good & trolls as bad.

Gaumutra gangs of Cow Shed States shouldn't be teaching Governance to Maharashtra.

Nobody is defending lynching unlike BJP folks hit streets to defend rapists and murderers.

Culprits are behind bars, law is taking care of the crime. They aren't honoured with garlands.

Mamma, How did I born?

Innocent question from to his mother.

Mother answered: By mistake.

What is current rate of testing per million in Uttar Pradesh?

Arresting Rahul Kulkarni isn't enough, take too in custody.

The whole ABP network played a filthy game yesterday.
- Reported fake news full day
- As crowd gathered, made a breaking news of state failure
- Rest ABP channels across India ran the propaganda on that

Of course Uddhav Thackeray is Best CM and Maharashtrians have no doubts about it.

ABP Majha = BJP Majha

Even BJP IT Cell doesn't peddle fake news as much as peddled on daily basis by just because BJP pays it.

High time takes notice of the same & acts.

Dear, ban
Don't allow the channel to run until apologizes for fake news which caused havocs in Bandra in the evening.

Dear if you are short of force, allow cadres to hit the streets to control the mobs as well to find out who is behind this episode.

If natural, migrants would have done this 4 days back when you declared extension not today. This isn't natural.

Four days ago Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray declared about lockdown extension till 30-Apr-2020: No crowding, no nuisance by anyone, anywhere

Modi came today on TV, vents out his gas and suddenly migrant workers thronged to !!

In an attempt to prove wrong, cheerleaders at ABP like scores a self goal.

Good job
Good job

Ye aadmi soda pi ke aata hai tabhi itni gas nikalta hai.

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