Fanexus is an upcoming social media platform with integrated wiki, that centers the needs of both fandoms and original creators, endeavoring to create an experience that maximizes the joy of connecting with people who share your passion, while minimizing toxicity.

Fanexus is built by fans, for fans, on the following tenets:

1. Put the needs of fandom and original creators front and center
2. Organize and archive fan and indie content to preserve it and make it easily accessible
3. Promote variety and freedom of artistic expression
4. Stand against bullying and foster a welcoming environment
5. Support awareness of online dangers and encourage critical thinking
6. Evolve in response to feedback

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With a wiki integrated into a social media platform, fans and creators will be able to easily document new ideas as they evolve, by creating wiki pages for their fanon terminology, alternative universes, original characters, worldbuilding, and wholly original creations.

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Fanexus seeks to combat the toxicity and bullying that has become especially virulent in fandom in recent years, with refined filtering, blocking and privacy features, and by penalizing bullies, including those who target people based on their preferred characters and ships.

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Users will be given greater control over what they see and who they interact with, allowing them to have an experience that caters to their specific tastes, countering the homogenization of fan culture, and promoting creative diversity and freedom.

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Fanexus understands that fantasy and artistic depiction don’t equal endorsement, and will stand against censorship while endeavoring to create a safe and pleasant online environment through education and by encouraging good netiquette.

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Fanexus will promote professional articles and resources raising awareness about online predators, mental health, critical thinking, prosocial behavior, healthy engagement with art and fiction, and other issues that impact the fandom and creative community.

Fanexus seeks to evolve as fandom evolves, and will take feedback from the fan community and develop in response to fandom’s changing needs.

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In-depth information about each of Fanexus’s features will be provided in the lead up to the launch of the beta, which currently aims to be at the end of April. Please watch this space if you wish to learn more.

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