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Anytime someone asks me if Elden Ring will be announced at an event I just say no.

Elden Ring is a glitch in the matrix that we can't let go of.

"Mind if I smoke?"
"I don't care if you burst into flames and die!"

Dealing with sunburn is just me paying dividends for my stupidity


Salt in bitter substances reduces the bitterness of them. Salt also increases the available sweetness of something.

Salt your coffee
Salt your beer
Salt your tea

Oops! All Salt.

> in-engine footage
> later, they show in-game footage
> looks nothing like the "in-engine" footage

guys your in-game footage looks nice
don't make it look awful in comparison just for an initial "wow" no one falls for cuz they know that "in-engine" means 1 frame per day on a supercomputer

M'aiq does not remember his childhood, perhaps he never had one.

I have decided that enough is enough. we keep adding stuff to pride flags. We need a final solution. Presenting your ultimate pride flag. Every colour, shade, is represented. A flag for humans, not groups. A flag to stand by. A banner for your life.

Libreture promotes DRM-free ebooks, has a directory of DRM-free bookshops, and provides an online ecosystem (storage, reading lists etc) specifically designed for DRM-free ebooks. You can follow them at:

➡️ @libreture

Their site is at

(DRM-free means that you can keep the book you buy forever, and use it on any device you choose, even if the bookshop closes down.)

#Libreture #eBooks #Books #eBook #Book #eComics #Comics #DigitalComics #Reading #DRM #DRMfree #eReaders

help me... required ahead
in short praise the open area!

It’s called platonic cause Plato invented nicotine

Me: "I really need to stop listening to May's theme from Guilty Gear Strive"

Also Me: *hits replay*

I've realized I've been on here for a number of months and have yet to use an emoji.

To be fair I rarely if ever use emoji's on other platforms so I shouldn't be surprised.

But I'll put one here now just so I can say I did. :blobfoxhappy:

and introduce a cop system or something for extra challenge in the levels, running from the law and doing sick tricks for the crowd.

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and instead of graffiti in the city like Jet Set Radio the music your making is like some sort of busking routine where you run around and do the musical tricks near groups of NPC's for extra points.

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This makes me want to make a tony hawk's pro skater clone but with hoverboards and bright colors and have every trick or movement you do produce a musical note. Preferably in the pentatonic scale cause that shit's easy to fit musically.


UNFOLLOW people who post things you don't like.

FOLLOW more people who post things you do like.

STOP being an asshole.

Sorry for the rant, but this is happening more and more. This puritanical push for censorship needs to STOP.

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