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Anytime someone asks me if Elden Ring will be announced at an event I just say no.

Elden Ring is a glitch in the matrix that we can't let go of.

Now that I think about it, it was a very good business move for apple to popularize the term app.

App and apple are very similar words and I would think there's at least some potential for subconscious association, even when referring to other platforms that use the word app to refer to software.

Hot take: HTTP request types should just be "push" and "pull"

It's funny that apathy and pathological have similar root words but you can't use apathological to refer to apathy.

I hate setting alarms cause I always wake up 2 hours before they go off and my subconscious lizard brain is like "No sleep, you'll be startled by loud bleep device, must stay alert for danger".

Contributing to free software requires privilege. Even regular contributors might sometimes find themselves without it.

Time, focus and money. You might find yourself lacking in one of these at various points in your life.

While software projects from startups move like streams, most free software projects move like glaciers. They move slowly but they keep moving for decades.

Being away from a project doesn't mean you have to give it up. You can join back later.

#FreeSoftware #Privilege

"Mind if I smoke?"
"I don't care if you burst into flames and die!"

Dealing with sunburn is just me paying dividends for my stupidity


Salt in bitter substances reduces the bitterness of them. Salt also increases the available sweetness of something.

Salt your coffee
Salt your beer
Salt your tea

Oops! All Salt.

M'aiq does not remember his childhood, perhaps he never had one.

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