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¡Abierto envío de propuestas para sala "Derechos Digitales y Privacidad en Internet + Soberanía Digital en las Aulas (Fuera Google)" de #esLibre2021!

Si tienes cualquier inquietud sobre estos temas y quieres compartirlas, no dudes en enviárnosla.


all my toots and content are licensed as "all rights reserved", but i encourage everyone to steal them
Coded Bias Documentary
Is a manipulation because it asumes the reality it describes without considering any kind of alternative.

But the alternative exists in the selfproviding of energy and freedom. Free software. Free food. And free energy.

Apps are easy to corrupt

Protocols, less so

When in doubt, choose open protocols supported by multiple apps

Creative/Hacker people, please stop using #YouTube I have really the feeling to fall in a spider web.
the number of "agreement" popup I have to click even when leaving the page makes me dizzy.

Leave YouTube to gamers and sponsored unboxers.

Dreamin' about gtaVRP free software virtual world for gaming.

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