Against my better judgement, decided to get a hot chocolate from Starbucks.

It was shit.

Tbf, my choices were KFC, Subway, 2 Starbucks, a Starbucks counter in Waitrose and a Starbucks counter in WH Smith's.

Next time, I'll just get a full fat Coke. At least I won't have to add sugar to it to get it to taste of anything, and it'll be cheaper than anything in Starbucks.

Straight towards the sun, the morning mists turned the hillside into a faded sepia print.

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Not content with having 2 WIPs, I started another the other day 🙄.

(The sock is still sitting over there, now feeling very sorry for itself, but I'm not ready for it. And I need to find other needles for the cardigan - it uses 3 different sizes in total 🙁.)

This one will be a Christmas present for the baby... In 4 ply... Will I ever learn?!

I've done all the increases, I've even managed the *P3 K2 P3 K3 section. (Yes, it did require a lot of concentration and yes, it was annoying).

I'm now on the *P3 K3 section. Except in the last row, I managed, half way through, to K4. And then, in this row, I managed to drop a stitch near the beginning. Even worse, when I was tinking back to it, I managed to drop another stitch. Both of them dropped down 3-4 rows. :blobcatnotlikethis: :blobcatreeeeeee:

Random typo there. I think I'll just give up trying to type anything sensible right now!

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That really is a terrible photo - it doesn't specif stretch on one side like that! Oh well, at least you can see what it's meant to be!!!

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Next update! The body is finished!
Need to sew the shoulders before I can continue. And then, have to pick up stitches for the collar. Going to have to wait for a brighter day for that though.

(Reposting this as I posted this in the wrong place before.)

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4 times. 4 times it took me to knit this sodding heel. Had to rip it back 3 flipping times. Don't even ask how many days this has taken.

This sock is now going to have to sit over there, yes, over there, and have a good long think about things.

Time for an update. This is such a relaxing knit as there's no yarnovers, no passing stitches over another, and almost no counting.
And I don't need good daylight to see what I'm doing/the stitches!
I can just sit, watch Australian Bake Off (or something else on the TV) and knit away.

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Stoer Bay at low tide. It's warm and calm, and from this viewpoint, we hear the joyful sounds of laughter from the little groups cavorting in the sea.

Liebe Mitmenschen, diesen gestrickten Schal (100% Polyacryl) möchte ich verschenken. Gibt es hier Interesse? Ich verschicke deutschlandweit.

Anybody else just want to shout out "Leave me alone for 1hr so I can finish casting off!"?

Yeah, it won't take me an hour (if I'm left alone) but JSSBO takes a silly amount of concentration for me to do. And I can't just do a little, put it down, and then pick it up later and carry on from where I left off. I *need* to do it all at once.

(Although maybe I should use instead!)

Woohoo! I've finished knitting the moss stitch border!!! All 16 rows of it!

Good thing I counted the stitches because otherwise I'd've continued knitting more rows because I thought I was decreasing by 2st each time (I wasn't; it was 4st).

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And now I've got to go back about 120st because I forgot to do one of those stupid slip-passover corner stitches.😲😬😠

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I've given up on the sock at the moment - it's just too fiddly. It needs to sit over there for a bit longer before I'll even consider picking it up again.
In the meantime, I casted on a jacket/cardigan pattern that I also bought at the same time as that sock pattern. Need to use 5 & 5.5mm needles - hooray! Thick needles & wool (not 2.25/2.5mm needles!)!
But, I misread the pattern and cast on 363 stitches instead of 313! And then I found out that it uses one of the same slip-knit-passover stitches as the sock!🙄🙁
This time, though, look at how pretty this stitch comes out - a lovely looking corner!

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