"We're facing a new economic order!"

Are we though? Or have the conditions that allow low wages just finally gone by the boards, which anybody following demographics would have told you was inevitable.

@dannyblast Disapproval of Biden doesn't seem to be translating to approval of the GOP though.

The guy across the street from me likes to crank his car stereo while cleaning his shitbox or his truck, and between this and his beloved leafblower I'm about ready to superglue wired buds into his ears.

@peterswimm The techbros telling me AI will take my marketing job in x years have the same blind spot. I've used those AIs and what they all do is either fuck up hilariously badly or give you bland copy that anybody can write because it's "proven to work." Which is great. Until it abruptly stops working!

People keep mistaking the tool for the user, and it gets them every time.

@peterswimm I could have a snarky response but to be entirely sincere, as a filmmaker, where generative AI is always going to fall down is that it can only combine previously created things in previous created ways. It can be very good at that, and you can probably sell that, but it's product, not art.

I'm not against Velma being gay but it seems...obvious?

@dannyblast No. I went to high school in some rural areas and the ratio of clods to smart people is no different. The problem is that rural areas are overwhelmingly due to lack of resources, social isolation, boredom, and poverty.

@varmazis Well to be fair if he has to spend that much money he might have to cut back on the cocaine.

@dannyblast Although looking at God's track record his valuing of human life makes capitalism seem way better.

This gaming mouse has 23 customizable buttons JUST BUY A FUCKING CONTROLLER OH MY GOD

@dannyblast I'd say it's one step worse: Capitalism hasn't CONSIDERED the value of human life. It hasn't entered the equation at all.


The fact that you think I'm pro-capitalist because I don't gratify your ego from a drive-by toot tells me all I need to know.

@1dalm Some of it probably won't but wow. WOW. 1TB in the queue!

If every project in the utility scale solar queue in the US was built and connected (it won't be alas) it would literally double the amount of utility scale solar on Earth.

This doesn't include residential or non grid connected solar.


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