Forgive the self promotion. But this horseshit should NOT be allowed to go unquestioned.

I love the smell of astroturf in the morning.

The website dead-ends with no guidance as to possible funding sources and has Beto on it. You know the guy running for governor of Texas? Who doesn't have anything to do with this legislation?

God knows what the actual goal is but I'm betting it's a last ditch play to derail the tax increases.

Guys if you're going to do this target people getting fired from tech companies.

Why is it that every article from the WSJ reads like a Edwardian era royal baffled the peasants aren't in the fields.

I generally use FB through a mobile browser. Sometimes for the atrocity tourism as Chrome breaks their brains.

For those wondering, right now I'm riding a but usually ride a Montague Paratrooper. Which has my favorite promotional photo of all time.

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I cannot get over the nard blaster Tucker Carlson is shilling.

So, an ...

I'm a freelance writer with an interest in tech. Over the years I've largely written about gaming, nerd pop culture, comics, and pop science. You might have seen me on , , , , and a lot more; My article count sits somewhere over >gulp< 5,000 pieces.

In my spare time I game (just put twenty hours in to ), ride a bike for health and to get outdoors, , enjoy craft beer, perform the occasional cooking experiment and read quite a bit. My is here

And I have a dog and a cat.

For those wondering my avatar and banner are from Back Bay in the waiting area.

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