There was an article on Barron's hysterically trying to insist solar panels will cause a food shortage in the US because we'd need 13 MEEEELLION ACRES to power the US entirely with solar.

A) Nobody is proposing seriously that we do that.
B) That's 0.5% of all land in the US.
C) The article focuses on farmland in Texas, conveniently ignoring that it's the fossil fuel industry building all these solar farms on our "rich agricultural heartland" most of which is used to raise cows, which we need to stop eating anyway.


Sorta like how all inflation stories act like everyone buys a new gas guzzling shitbox every year and eats steak for all three meals. A reasonable take is that high inflation hammers wage earners because it does but wage earners absolutely are not the audience for inflation crybaby articles.

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