Of all the narratives to emerge from the current labor market, the tearful shock that maybe the person you're paying for 40 hours of their time does not in fact give you literally everything they have and never has is the most hilarious to me.


Disney is demanding Netflix money for a service it doesn't update nearly often enough with new content, despite the fact that it's Hulu that gained the most subs.

Yeah this will end well.

Boogers, stench 

The upside of neck gaiters while : No insects, dust, or particles to gag on.

Two recently discovered downsides: When a booger is forced out of your nose and trampolines off the gaiter into your mouth because you're breathing hard.

When all your heatwave sweat collects in the cloth and it smells like Satan's unwashed grundle.

I did a lot today! None of it was on my to do list but

If we're going to talk about pop culture and how it's a struggle to get new stuff out there, we do need to acknowledge that this is the first point in human history where, like, most pop culture is accessible in vast cheapish libraries.

We were never INTENDED to make a Kate Bush song the number one song thirty years after it came out. That literally was not supposed to happen. That it has can't be blamed on the Boomers and their relentless nostalgia.

Just to review, Kansas went to Chump by 15 points in 2020, their forced-birth vote was placed in a summer primary and with deliberately confusing language, and there was a heat wave.

And the abortion ban still lost by seven points. I would not want to be a Republican anywhere abortion is on the ballot.

I love the smell of astroturf in the morning.

The website dead-ends with no guidance as to possible funding sources and has Beto on it. You know the guy running for governor of Texas? Who doesn't have anything to do with this legislation?

God knows what the actual goal is but I'm betting it's a last ditch play to derail the tax increases.

Guys if you're going to do this target people getting fired from tech companies.

I brought up that parked cars hog a massive amount of public space, and somebody was like "Well what about bikes chained to fences and bike racks?"

Just the sheer entitlement of drivers in conversations about transit is staggering. Even if I lock my bike like a total dick, which I absolutely don't because I hate people who do that shit, I'm STILL not consuming nearly as much space as a two-ton smog-belching shitbox with an ever-expanding ass to eat up as much street space as possible.

Really enjoyed Quake but once you require annoying platforming to finish a level, I'm moving on.

Yes clearly this is a sign of recession and not a sign that online advertising isn't nearly as effective as it's hyped to be.


I generally like Teams but the new emoji set is awful bordering on Minion.

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It is deeply funny Facebook lost $10 billion off of Apple's data hoarding (do not kid yourself that Apple gives a single shit about your privacy) when ten seconds on FB will tell you NONE of that data is used.

Were I these vendors I'd lock out Russian keyboards and language sets from any device found to be located in Russia.


Imagine thinking this is a good idea, pitching it, writing it, working on it with an editor, prepping it for publication and literally nobody saying "Wait is this going to look bad?" insider.com/why-im-canceling-d

Sorta like how all inflation stories act like everyone buys a new gas guzzling shitbox every year and eats steak for all three meals. A reasonable take is that high inflation hammers wage earners because it does but wage earners absolutely are not the audience for inflation crybaby articles.

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There was an article on Barron's hysterically trying to insist solar panels will cause a food shortage in the US because we'd need 13 MEEEELLION ACRES to power the US entirely with solar.

A) Nobody is proposing seriously that we do that.
B) That's 0.5% of all land in the US.
C) The article focuses on farmland in Texas, conveniently ignoring that it's the fossil fuel industry building all these solar farms on our "rich agricultural heartland" most of which is used to raise cows, which we need to stop eating anyway.

I just realized: Reed Richards had to have fed Johnny Storm birth control right? There is no way that horny doofus uses condoms.

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