Hey fediverse, @Kuys_Potpot here. On a weekly basis, I'll post what's people from the Hyun's Dojo Community over Discord ever saying, without context.

For now, I'll dump some past content Pidgeons picked and then fresh content for you.

👇 Keep reading this thread for what tags am I using when I post, among other stuff.

Tags I used on posts:
- full library of OOC content from the Hyun's Dojo Discord
- Past curations before Nov. 8, 2021, on Fridays-Sundays PHT
- Whatever Hyun got included in the week's DWC
- Sometimes, horny content (call it LinusS*xTips, even it's not from Linus Sebastian himself) got curated are placed under CW + spoiler banner
- When animators meet Japanese anime
- Like , but this time it's Rebonkulous.
- Whatever the $#!tf*$kery the community every did, minus The Juice Media way of satire.

Expect more tags in the future btw.

Each post has a "Jump to message in Discord" pointing to the first message appeared from Pidgeons#2355's screenshots, not the screenshots I reproduced manually. If you're not in the Dojo Discord server, there's a link to that in the profile if you need it.

Note that I'm not curate them and usually Pidgeons#2355 pick which are worth included in next week/day's Dojo Without Context.

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