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Here's the headline: "Trump Cuts Payroll Taxes For The Unemployed" or "Trump Signs Meaningless Unconstitutional Piece of Propaganda."

The payroll tax cut is one of the worst ideas ever, but it comes from the worst president in history and the worst imaginable, so it's no surprise. It does nothing for those who've lost their jobs and this money funds Social Security and Medicare. 

Trump attempts to wrest tax and spending powers from Congress with new executive actions:

ACLU: Amendment 4 is Back in Court as Florida Fights Our Victory Over its Modern-Day Poll Tax

From Amy Klobuchar

"Up to 90 percent of small entertainment venues across the country—like First Avenue—could close down if we don’t support them during this pandemic. We must pass my bill that will help artists, venues, and our economy."

Why the bloody hell is nobody reporting on the same group that told 15,000 people in Knoxville the wrong polling times last year, just sent out 50,000 official looking ballot requests (it wasn't) to voters in with the incorrect return address?

Nevada voters: keep your eye on this bill and make sure the governor signs is as expected. This is good news.


Nevada passes bill to mail all voters ballots amid

@InternetKevin @TonyStark There are words that have to be agreed upon if reality is to have any meaning. The reality is that Republicans elected Trump and that makes him the head Republican right now.

This all reminds me of the common saying that you’re entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.

Fascist in the White House.

Let's get rid of him.

Let's elect some Democrats to the Senate.

That's it. Thanks.


Election information you need. Brought to you by The League of Women Voters Education Fund.

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